It’s On Us Summit!


All students attending the Summit are required to participate in the three following workshops facilitated by It’s On Us student leaders:

  • Sexual Assault Awareness/Consent Education
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Survivor Support

These workshops cover the three key pillars of It’s On Us’s prevention education.

Students will also be able to choose from three additional workshops. Confirmed workshops include:

Focus Area 1: Tools in Your Campus Organizing Toolbox

  • Our Rights, Our Campus. Organizing and Action., hosted by Know Your IX
  • Fundraising for Your It’s On Us Chapter, hosted by Tracey Vitchers, Executive Director, It’s On Us
  • This is How You Break the Internet: Creating Game-Changing Digital and Creative Content, hosted by Jess Blair, Manager, The Creative Alliance
  • How to Advocate for Prevention Programming at Your School, hosted by Holly Rider-Milkovich & Eve Hillman, EVERFI

Focus Area 2: Changing the Culture on Your Campus

  • The Importance of Centering Students of Color in Your Work, hosted by Venkayla Hayne & Da’Shaun Harrison
  • Providing white and white presenting students with the space, support, and resources to grapple with their role in white supremacy, Co-Hosted by Know Your IX and End Rape On Campus 
  • Sexual Assault Prevention, Title IX, and Sports Culture, hosted by John L. Finley, Public Policy Associate, CALCASA
  • Language Access & Survivor Support, hosted by Ana De Carolis, Casa de Esperanza
  • Sexual Assault Prevention and Survivor Support for LGBTQIAA Students, hosted by Human Rights Campaign 

Focus Area 3: Shifting the Landscape: Public Policy & Legislative Action

  • Know Your Rights: Title IX and the Clery Act, hosted by the Clery Center and the National Women’s Law Center
  • Advocacy on the Hill: Federal Legislative Action, hosted by the National Task Force and Morgin Goldberg
  • Changing the Landscape in Your State: State Legislative Advocacy, hosted by Ever Hanna and Michelle Carroll, End Rape On Campus
  • The Future of the College Sexual Assault Movement, Hosted by Michelle Carroll featuring Sage Carson of Know Your IX and Ever Hanna of End Rape On Campus

More workshops are being added every week, so check back regularly for updated information!