If you’ve experienced sexual assault and need crisis support, please call National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673) or visit their 24/7 chat here.

of female student victims, age 18-24, report to law enforcement

the week of action

Female students
are 4x more
likely to be a victim
of rape or sexual
assault than males.

Join the movement:

Pledge to be
a part of
the solution

Among college women, 9 in 10 victims of rape and sexual assault knew their offender.

Share your bystander intervention story

of all students experience rape or sexual

Bring it’s on us
to your campus
and community:

Host a week
of action

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Biden on sexual
assault culture


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vice president
biden talks ‘it’s on us’


‘it’s on us’ initiative in fordham


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The #BidenCourageAwards begin in 30 minutes!

Check back here for live streams of the show courtesy of Esquire and Cosmopolitan.

Join us, Vice President Joe Biden, Adam Devine, Fletcher, and more as we celebrate the brave students that stood up to sexual assault on campus.

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Tomorrow, we will be joined by Vice President Joe Biden for the #BidenCourageAwards.

Tune in at 6PM EDT for a night dedicated to students who stood up and spoke out against sexual assault on their campuses.

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Sexual Assault Awareness Month Bystander Intervention Tip: Trust your gut and speak up.

Check out more bystander intervention tips: bit.ly/2E548vL

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In honor of our student leaders, our campus organizers, and everyone who helped make the #SpringWeekOfAction a success: Thank you! ...

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