If you’ve experienced sexual assault and need crisis support, please call National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673) or visit their 24/7 chat here.

of female student victims, age 18-24, report to law enforcement

the week of action

students are 4x more likely to be a victim of rape or sexual assault than males.

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Among college women, 9 in 10 victims of rape and sexual assault knew their offender.

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of all students experience rape or sexual

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We believe students deserve to receive an education free of gender-based violence and discrimination. Today, 114 survivors penned an op/ed in Teen Vogue on the importance of Title IX protections. Find out how you can join the #DearBetsy movement → www.DearBetsyIX.com ...

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Today is the 45th anniversary of #TitleIX – our friends at Amy Poehler's Smart Girls created this great refresher on the importance of Title IX. ...

45 years ago today, #TitleIX was enacted. Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, creator of MTV's Sweet/Vicious, shares ways you can help protect Title IX. (Special thanks to Know Your IX, It's On Us and End Rape on Campus)

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Shout out to ICING for joining the #ItsOnUs movement! Check out their new resource page and take the pledge → po.st/q6QDqL ...

Join Icing and It's On Us to end sexual assault by taking the pledge! Find out more here #ItsOnUs po.st/q6QDqL

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We are so proud of our students for organizing a fantastic #SAAM this year! Here are some photos to relive all the action! ...

We are so proud of the students across the country that organized this #SAAM to help end sexual assault.

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  • Thank you Former Vice President Biden for speaking about ItsOnUshellip
  • Join Kappa Delta and take the ItsOnUs pledge ItsOnUsorgpledge hellip
  • Joe Biden is kicking off Sexual Assault Awareness Month withhellip
  • Im counting on you  vp Biden asking millennials tohellip
  • One goal for the campaign this year is to gethellip
  • Sharing and learning from the experts and other students inhellip
  • Its On Us gives everyone a buy in and showshellip
  • You can help create cultural change and support the amazinghellip